Turn/ Planning PhaseEdit

Each turn, a player is allowed certain actions:

1. For Hero Meeples/ Armies:Edit

  • Stay on current land - see Hero Actions for available commands
  • Move into land without armies - see Hero Actions for available commands
  • Move into land with armies - If player moves into owned land with his/her own army units garrisoned on structures or land, players can opt to Organize and shift the units around or recruit all into Hero Meeple army. If the land does not belong to the player or an ally, a battle will commence. See Combat for more information.

Priority for movement is dependent on Army Size. A Hero meeple with 10 units will move before a Hero meeple of 30 units. However, Army Size does not mean max population value. An army of 10 Dragons with the value of 10 x 6 (60) will move before an army of 30 Archers (which has population value of 30 x 1).

2. For Structures:Edit

See Structures for more information.

3. Play a CardEdit

See Cards for more information.

4. Ending a TurnEdit

By choosing to end turn (clicking on the End Turn Button of the UI), player enters the resolution phase of the game.

Resolution PhaseEdit

A simultaneous (for all players) resolution phase commences:

1. SeasonsEdit

See Seasons for more information.

2. Cards that are valid will be applied.Edit

Card effects will play out, however, certain cards may not be applied. For example, a “Reinforce Archers” card cannot be used when 4 spaces are taken by other unit types. Therefore there is no valid space to summon an additional Unit Type of Archers. The card goes back to the player’s hand and cost paid is reimbursed. See Cards for more information.

3. Player actions to be resolved:Edit

Player actions are resolved in the following sequence:

  1. Defend Action - Army does defensive stance and bonus from land/structure is applied to the defending army.
  2. Normal Movement - Hero meeple along with stacked army is moved along in the map. Smaller Army Size moves first. The exception of this is when Hero is awakened on same turn, in which case,
    said hero movement is resolved last.
  3. Teleport Movement. - Movement using portals via structure or from City Upgrade is applied.
  4. Combat - see Combat for more information.
  5. Build/Upgrades - Building or upgrading of structures is applied. (Includes City Upgrades).
    In the event a “Fortification” card is applied beforehand, the action to build a Fort may be cancelled as a fort is already built during Card Application stage. The building cost in Gold is returned to player’s resources. See Structures for more information.
  6. Delayed Movement - Retreats from battle or recently awakened Hero movement is last applied.