Legends Of Callasia Structures

When a hero is on an owned territory, the Build option will be available. It allows the building or upgrading of structures or improvements.

Player City Edit

This serves as the main base of armies. Clicking on cities open up options to hire more units, organize troops or Awaken Heroes. Hero meeples on lands with owned Cities may also choose to build and upgrade City. City upgrades are not susceptible to damage from “Sabotage” cards.

Neutral City Edit

Some parts of the maps will have NEUTRAL cities that are not player-owned. Subjugating a city provides a boost to Population limit.

Hamlet/ Village/ Town Edit

Structures that provide extra Gold resources, Victory points and increase Population limit.

Tower/ Fortress/ Citadel Edit

Structures that allow the purchase of more army units and increase Population limit.

Portal Edit

Portals allow for Hero meeple and its army to teleport to other portals (if any) or to owned Cities.

Dolmen/ Cromlech/ Stone Circle Edit

Structures that provide immediate Victory Points. For the less aggressive.

Ruins Edit

A standing testament to what was once a glorious structure.